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a Native Hawaiian academic advisor turned product manager.

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Why product management?

As an academic advisor, I helped thousands of students explore their options, identify their goals, and find a major that best fits them. I specialized in helping transfer students, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students, at-risk students—basically the “misfits” most people think won't graduate (spoiler alert: my students do!).

My ability to ask questions with genuine curiosity, solve problems efficiently, and deeply empathize with others are what made me an exceptional academic advisor. I did quite well and I still keep in touch with many of my former students.

However, as I developed curriculum and different tools to help recruit and retain students, I began to discover that I loved the deisgn process—I loved thinking through different different scenarios and solving for those problems, testing new approaches with students and being innovative. I was the “techy” advisor, but still hadn't found my tribe.

Then one day I saw an ad for a “product manager,” and thought huh, that must be a typo. But it wasn't! As I learned more about the field of product management, a lightblub went off:

💡 Iʻm a product manager!

For the past six months, I have worked hard to learn all I can about product management: Iʻve taken multiple courses, read books on product management and design, networked with current product managers, and attended product management events and conferences. I finally found my people!

Currently I am seeking a full-time associate product manager or product manager position. I would thrive in a B2C or B2B company that prides itself on delighting users, solving real problems, and cultivating sustainable growth. I would love to work with people who are passionate about doing good in the world and who celebrate diversity. If you know of any positions or opportunities that would be a good fit, then please let me know!

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Iʻd love to learn more about your product journey and discuss how we can help each other. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn or schedule a coffee chat.